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October 22, 2012
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Tied up at the Office
by ~Tiedupgirls64

"Uugh, another late night at the office," Chloe said as she typed away on her keyboard. She was the last one left in the building and was also the receptionist. Chloe was a very attractive girl with long auburn hair, a busty 36 D chest, a very shapely figure, and a tight, curvy ass.
On this particular day she was wearing a tight red blouse and a miniskirt with nylon pantyhose that accented her sexy curves.
A burgaler was also planning to rob the office on this night. He broke in without triggering the alarm, and noticed Chloe typing.
"Well, well, well," he thought to himself, "arnt i a lucky guy." He slowly snuck up behind the busy receptionist, pulled out a roll of duct tape and some ropes, and wrapped his arms around the chair in a bear hug; pinning her to the seat.
"What the fu-," her sentence was cut short by a balled up hankercheif being shoved in her mouth. The burgaler proceed to tear off pieces of duct tape and seal her red sexy lips shut.
Mmph was all she could utter. He proceeded to tie her hands behind her back and then take her out of the chair and onto the carpeted floor. After she squirmed for a little bit, he unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside: revealing her hot rack. She had on a sky blue pushup that brought out her provacative bust even more. The burgalar couldn't help but notice and gave her boob a few sqeezes before unzipping her miniskirt and taking a look at her sexy and scrumtous waist. She had on skimpy sky blue panties that almost allowed each of her sexy ass cheeks to be visible outside the underwear.
The burgaler proceeded to tie her curvy legs and pinned her elbows together with the silver tape. "So you are all tied up now, eh?" he said mockingly. All she could do was mmph. He then crouched down and put his hands inside her bra and felt her up. She squealed in displeasure as he carassed her voluptuous tits. He stopped after a little bit and said, "you'll be here till morning. Bye bye bitch." Then he grabbed a couple laptops, threw them in his backpack, and ran off.
Chloe lay squirming and moaning in her lacy bra with tits jutting outwards very sexily. Her panties tightly hugged her hot ass that would turn on any man. Seeing her there securly bound and struggling with red cherry lips taped shut ning her to say a word was extremely orgasmic.
Chloe lay there on the floor until morning completely helpless until the manager of the office building walked in the door. "Whoa whoa whoa! What happened here?" he questioned in a concerned manner. He advance toward her to untie her, but then got second thoughts. "You know, you look extremely sexy tied up like that..." And he swung her over his shoulder, slapped her hot ass several times, and brought her out into the trunk of his car where he would take her home for a night filled with surprises.
She got a little tied up at the office.
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I love all the over the shoulder carries you have .more and continue with the stories
I will, thank you
yes very enjoyable you've got talent. pop over to uniform stealing broads where i write as lord maul you could be good at our genre
Thanks man I'm going to post snother one soon.
please take a look at uniformstealingbroads we have great writers who my inspire you and what i've read you may inspire them
ED3765 Oct 22, 2012  Student Writer
nice little story here.
Tied up girls is me by the way.
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